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Wild Edible Qualifications

Survival Plant Qualifications Food is obviously one of the main things we have to figure on having to survive.   However, some disasters could literally wipe out your built up inventory or maybe just keep you from reaching it. (Think floods, storms, chemical spill evacuations, etc.) It therefore seems logical to consider a few edible and nutritious wild […]

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Edible #1 – TAR-AX’-A-CUM O-FFIC-IN-A’-LE

By TF If scientist created a pill that could help numerous medical issues, like helping to normalize blood sugar levels, help fight certain cancers and dementia, promotes bile flow, lowers bad cholesterol and raise HDL, as well as serves as an anti-rheumatic and an anti-spasmodic, a laxative, a diuretic (with out depleting potassium), provides fiber, aids in proper levels of hydrochloric acids […]

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Quiz – WATER

QUIZ — WATER 1.  How much water in the world is considered ‘fresh’? a.  10%         b. more than 5%           c. less than 2% 2.  How much ‘fresh’ water is easily accessible? a. 1 1/2%      b.  3/4%      c.  1/100% 3.  Most of the water in U.S. streams and rivers are still safe to drink directly from. a.  TRUE         b.  FALSE 4.  What […]

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Myths vs Facts– Fresh Water

By TF  One of the reasons for this site is that there is a large amount of misinformation on the web!  In a survival situation having accurate information can literally save you and your loved ones lives.  However, inaccurate information can not only cost you precious time and supplies, but it can cost you your life and the lives of the ones you love. […]

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