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Edible Plant #2 Plantago (Plantain)

by TF What seems strange to me, is how we are encouraged to ‘spray’ and kill this little ‘weed’, while at the same time it is reported to be one of the most ‘bountiful and medicinal crops in the world’.  This common plant has not only been appreciated throughout the generations, but written about in some […]

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Wild Edible Qualifications

Survival Plant Qualifications Food is obviously one of the main things we have to figure on having to survive.   However, some disasters could literally wipe out your built up inventory or maybe just keep you from reaching it. (Think floods, storms, chemical spill evacuations, etc.) It therefore seems logical to consider a few edible and nutritious wild […]

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Edible #1 – TAR-AX’-A-CUM O-FFIC-IN-A’-LE

By TF If scientist created a pill that could help numerous medical issues, like helping to normalize blood sugar levels, help fight certain cancers and dementia, promotes bile flow, lowers bad cholesterol and raise HDL, as well as serves as an anti-rheumatic and an anti-spasmodic, a laxative, a diuretic (with out depleting potassium), provides fiber, aids in proper levels of hydrochloric acids […]

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