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By  TF

I often reflect on how much has changed during my short life span and realize most changes have resulted in the detriment, rather than the betterment of mankind.  Oh sure, there’s been tons of ‘scientific advancements’, but are we really in a better state of mind, morals and physical health than in centuries past?

Even though it seems sudden, it has taken centuries to get to this era of decline in morals, as well as the emotional, physical and financial decay and corruption of society as a whole.  It is a time that most of us never expected or wanted.  A time where a single event, clear on the other side of the world, can change our life in just a blink of an eye.

We were taught from infancy to stand up for freedom, to pursue peace and prosperity.  Yet, we’ve been led to a very uncertain and violent world.  A world in which, certain actions once considered unacceptable, are now being  taught, promoted and practiced openly, as the ‘new moral standards’!  Promoted world wide, mostly by the same ‘trusted’  financial, religious and political systems that are now being exposed as corrupt and crumbling. Man’s greed has polluted the Earth to the point it seems, that the Earth itself is now rebelling against man.  It could probably even be proved, that mans’ greed, stupidity and molestation of the planet have actually brought on many of Earth’s so called  ‘natural disasters’.

So this, along with memories of past of times spent in the woods and lakes of Illinois, fishing and hunting with my older brother motivates the writing of this site.   It makes me realize how much more – I could have – should have – learned from his love of nature.  He was always ready to try to teach me something new, but as I matured to my mid-teens or so, things changed.

Seems, there was a time I got a whole lot smarter than most others.  Evidently, though unconsciously, I decided to expand my ever growing knowledge into all sorts of marvelous pursuits.  There were things like fast cars (still remember my brand new 69 Mach I mustang).  It was then too, I realized that there were many of other fine ‘points of interest’ in life that I should check out.

Why, there was money, girls, fighting and booze!  (Note – Not necessarily in that order!)   Yep, it was about there – that my 69′ Mach I went away!   In my quest for knowledge, I quickly learned that in a battle between a ‘fast Acapulco blue mustang’ and field full of scrawny old corn stalks, the mustang didn’t stand a chance!  —   Sure do wish I’d listened more to my big brother!

Well, time wasters like hunt’n, fish’n and camp’n became mostly things of the past, as did my brothers patience.  Matter of fact, in those days, seems like I wore thin a lot of peoples patience.  While unnoticed by me at the time, (too busy expanding my knowledge and experiences of life) why, I’d also become somewhat of  a celebrity, right there in my own home town!

It was shortly after a little drag racing incident that an older, quite distinguished, community leader wanted to get to know me little better.  He cordially invited me to his office for a brief visit, seems he was also the city’s attorney.  It was during that confab, he gave me an ‘official invite’ to leave.   As in – leave town!

Now in ‘prepper’ circles, that might be called a ‘GOOD’  invitation. (Get Out Of Dodge)  Actually, it was more of a proposition – get fines, be put up for awhile at the cities expense, loose my license for a couple of years! – or ‘GOOD!’  After some serious contemplation, about long enough to pack my ruck sack and throw it on the back of my bike, I left.

Funny how those little life changes work. Didn’t realize it then, but if my ruck sack had already been packed, I’d had my first BOB (bug out bag).  Shoot I could then have stated, that I’d been a ‘survivalist’ and ‘prepper’ for 45 plus years!  What credentials!

Well, I made it to Calif., cleaned up my life and got married at 22.  My Dad seemed quite happy, even relieved.  However, at my wedding, he kept mumbling something about he was surprised I made it to 20!  Strange, I thought I had all under control, typical of the age I guess.

Well, now here I am in 2014, 40 plus years in the beautiful Pacific N.W..  I’ve been blessed with 4 fantastic kids, 7 grandkids, and a great grandchild on the way.   How in the world did that happen so quick?

Following in the ‘Baby Boomer” hopes and dreams – I’d planned on semi-retiring when I hit 60.  After all, there was a lot I wanted to do besides work!  Suddenly, again with many of my age, the 08’ ‘perfect storm’ came along with declining finances, incomes and home values – (along with this getting old stuff).  Needless to say things have changed, but for the most part, you adapt.  Seems the bankers and politicians decided many of us ‘seniors’ should wait till our 90’s to fully retire.

So, strangely enough, that brings us back to my brother.  I realize now that he was trying to teach me the ‘love of nature’ and the ‘art of survival’. That was 50 some years ago.  Then, I was too young and foolish to listen, now I’m cramming to gain that knowledge and I’m fascinated at all that I’m learning (wife calls it a bit obsessed!).

Which brings us to why I have developed this site —  As you read over this sites information, realize that ‘things are a chang’n’ and we had better learn many of the things long forgotten and adapt.  Things like gardens, plants, nature, self-reliance, hunting, survival and how to make it without all the glitter, bells and whistles (note) that we’ve been told  ‘we gotta have!’ 

After all, that stuff could literally be gone over night.  So, the research I’m doing, the things I’m learning and recording is for myself, my family and to anyone else that can see the need to learn about survivlal.  I hope you’ll join me in my quest for information on survival preparation.

NOTE!    Please read.
Disclaimer— To make it clear, I have no cool accent,  have not spent years living with wolves, don’t drink my urine or train people to survive, I have not eaten slugs (yet) and have no military training. (Shoot, I barely made it through high school, alive!)

Nope, I’m just a small town country boy, (who has now gotten old)  who’s trying to practice what he’s learning.  Thankfully, there is an abundance of great information available to us all, thanks to the web and the all the great people sharing their knowledge and experiences.

However, I do expect limitations to be put on our research ability and so see a need to publish as much as possible now. We need to learn, so we can help teach our children and grandchildren the marvels of creation and at least the basics of survival.  So I ask for your help and support in making this site the most informative one on line.

    Also, for those of you who have not fallen asleep and stuck with me to this point,  my name is Donald Ray.   However, for the sake that no one will take my ranting’s and opinion’s too serious, but will instead pay attention to the research.

I’m taking the pen name – ‘Tenderfoot’ — TF for short.   Note
“Yep, sounds about right– been called a whole lot worse!”

Welcome to my site!!!    TF


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