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   The purpose of this site is to bring you the most accurate information on how to prepare for and survive the most turbulent times that mankind has ever faced!

   Today the term TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) seemingly refers to one big world changing event with ‘mini’ disasters and issues leading up to it.  However, research on this subject seems to point to multiple events, that could change the world as we know it or perceive it.

   1.  We have what we might call TEOTWAYKI (The End Of The World As You Know It).  This involves things that happen to us as individuals that change how ‘we view’ the world.  For example, consider the disasters in Haiti, the Philippines, the tornadoes and hurricanes here in N. America.  This, as well as the different economic and political changes that we’ve seen recently around the world.  Consider how these disasters or changes affected the survivors lives.  Their lives have changed drastically from the lives they once had!

    The loss of loved ones, the loss of worldly possessions, along with the physical, emotional injuries and deprivation leaves scars that will affect them the rest of their lives, yet we all face these possibilities.  Just one of these things could easily change our ‘personal’ world drastically overnight or even in a matter of minutes.

   Are you prepared to survive even 7 days without power,     2 weeks without access to grocery stores, how long with loss of home or even just having no heat or water?  This is partly, what ‘preparing’ is all about!

    2.  Then a true TEOTHWAWKI – (# I )  Research seems to indicate that world changing events are happening all around us and will soon peak to this phase.   What could we expect to see leading up to this?

      Increases in natural disasters, as well as man made ones.  A continued debasement  (and possible failure) of the worlds banking systems and fiat money, more laws and restrictions on the masses with increased resistance toward the governments.  Watch also, for more piercing expose’s of the worlds governments, big businesses and religions.  Add to this, possible limited nuclear strikes and increased warring among the nations. Even a limited invasion on Anglo-American soil by a major world power [think China or Russia] seems to be on the agenda.

    All of this, followed by the United Nations gaining world control with the US being in second position and probably still serving as the UN’s police force.  Then, those who have been planning this ‘New World Order’ for decades will proudly and globally declare ‘Peace and Security!’

    Think these things will make the world different than what we know now?  Think living conditions will continue like they are today?  Well, we are just getting started!
Ah, then we get to the build up to —  TEOTWAWKI # II.

    3.  TEOTWAWKI  # II   World history, current events as well as ancient prophecies, all seem to indicate that we should see more world changing events leading up to this major event!   No doubt the worlds bankers, politicians and big business will, with dollar signs in their eyes, shout praises galore over the world becoming ‘united’ under this one new world power – the UN!  The idea of ‘Peace and Security’ will probably be the pet terms of politicians and news media, around the world.

     However, there are more things we can watch for before ‘end # II’ is reached.
1.  Don’t expect peace!  It is not within man’s ablility to bring it about.
2.  Expect more attempted controls and taxation to be exercised over man, on a world wide basis through the UN.
3.  Watch for all religions, especially those claiming to be Christian, to feel the wrath of this ‘one world government’.  This will end with a complete all out attempt to destroy all religions by this ‘new world power’!  (Except of course, for the worship of that One World Government, along with the ‘worship’ of atheism.  (Expect exposes’ of religions past and present criminal acts, along with a strong push to discredit and ridicule personal spiritual beliefs in general!)
4.  It does not seem at this point, illogical to expect a large scale ‘die off’ of mankind in general.  The possibilities of this could be from numerous directions before # II reaches its finale’.

    All of this will lead us to a true ‘end this system’ event!
(Actually, research once again, seems to indicate there is one more  – you know number # III —  but it is a long way off.)

   So, let’s focus on how to prepare to survive these more immediate ones!
This site will focus on preparing for and surviving  TEOTWAYKI,  TEOTWAWKI #I and TEOTWAWKI #II.
(Have I confused you yet?     Give me time and keep reading!)

This is what this site is dedicated to — staying updated on world changing events and to provide ideas, suggestions and research on how to prepare for and survive the difficult times ahead!

New articles dealing with experimental gardening, aquaponics,  multiple use products, survival plants, bushcraft and much more will be up coming.

So welcome to — SurvivalPrepASAP.com

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