Quiz – WATER


1.  How much water in the world is considered ‘fresh’?
a.  10%         b. more than 5%           c. less than 2%

2.  How much ‘fresh’ water is easily accessible?
a. 1 1/2%      b.  3/4%      c.  1/100%

3.  Most of the water in U.S. streams and rivers are still safe to drink directly from.
a.  TRUE         b.  FALSE

4.  What is the most recommended way, in an emergency, to make water safe from bacteria and parasites. Doing this could prevent many of the water borne sickness throughout the world?
a.  filter         b.  boil         c.  chemicals

5. Under emergency conditions, from where is the safest water to drink while in the woods?
a.  fast moving streams    b.  clear lakes    c.  water coming out of hill sides or the ground

6.  How can you easily and economically store enough chemicals to purify thousands of gallons of water?
a.  swimming pool shock treatment   b.  store 20 gallons of unscented bleach        c.  buy a home filtration system

7.  How much water does a person’s body need per day?
a.  8 glasses per day     b.  about a gallon     c.  a couple of quarts

8.  About how much of your body is water?
a.   30%          b.   55%        c.   65%

9.  How long can the body go without water?
a.  5 days        b.  3 days     c.  7 days

10. What are the symptoms of drinking contaminated water?
List 3       What about dehydration symptoms?   List 4

answers –
1. C     2. C    3. false    4.C    5. C    6. A    7. C    8. C    9. B
10. go here     How did you do?

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