Edible Plant #2 Plantago (Plantain)

by TF

What seems strange to me, is how we are encouraged to ‘spray’ and kill this little ‘weed’, while at the same time it is reported to be one of the most ‘bountiful and medicinal crops in the world’.  This common plant has not only been appreciated throughout the generations, but written about in some of the most ancient books known.

Some examples of this confliction is its use in many of the common products sold on the market.  Many of the ‘fiber’ type products sold for aiding digestive systems, reportedly come from one of the varieties of this plant (Plantago Affra – produces large quantities of psyllium).  Plantains also contain an ‘iridoid‘ that  is called ‘Aucubin‘ that is known as a great liver detoxing agent and stimulates cell growth.

Here is a list of the other reported uses for this ‘weed’.  As an Antitoxin, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, antibiotic, antibacterial  and a antiulcerogenic  (helps heal ulcers).  In simpler terms-  its leaves are reportedly good for bladder problems, bronchitis, fevers, hypertension, rheumatism, blood sugar control, as well as causes a natural aversion to tobacco use and is great for treating cuts, bee stings, rashes.  The roots are reportedly good for diarrhea, gastritis, peptic ulcers, cystitis, sinusitis, coughs, hay fever, asthma, and even an anti venom for snake bites (Indian tribes were known to use it on rattlesnake bites).  Finally, the seeds are said to be good for fiber, making flour, laxative and even treating parasitic worm conditions. (Wonder if it would help get rid of those little beasties, after drinking unfiltered and infected water?  Water — If ya got sick, sure couldn’t hurt to try it.)  Hey! not medical advice, just thinking about being alone in woods, sick from bad water.  Shoot I’d try it in a heart beat, but just stating my personal (and very unprofessional) opinion!

Its mucilage ‘sap like substance’ in leaves, stems and roots contain vitamins A, B1, C and K as well as calcium, iron, riboflavin, benzoic acid, beta carotene.  What a great ‘survival plant’ to know!  Best of all it’s all over the place, in gardens, yards, hill sides and even one variety on the shore areas of oceans.

For some great pictures (that’ll help you’ll recognize it, if you don’t already), along with more information that I think you’ll enjoy, check these videos. herehere, as well as info  herehere, and here.

Again, just thinking, why don’t we grow this stuff between rows of corn or something instead of killing it? Sorry, forgot about all the people that would put out of work in chemical factories and stores. Ya know, selling all of those poisons we keep pouring on the soil, that end up washing into the streams and rivers, killing all them water plants, fish and other critters.

Hmmm, Seems though, maybe it’d do away with the need for raising farm fish and ‘organic’ foods. (Sorry, forgot about Fuskishima, GMO’s and such, keep fish farms and organics going, please!)  However, I guess in time it could probably eliminate a lot of jobs in the health industry though!  All those guys figuring out how to make pills for liver, kidney, blood disorders and cancers (mostly from the stuff they have us putting on the yards and fields and then into the water).  Why, that doesn’t even include all the machines for zapping our ailments with radiation and things.

Wow, then we might not need all the vitamins and mineral supplements, ya know, to supplement what our ‘modified’ food no longer has,– because of the chemicals and such.

Of course, then corporate profits would be cut by the companies producing all the medicines, foods and vitamins, as well as the same would go for companies making all the poisons we dump on our yards and crops.  Resulting in the loss of jobs.   (Ouch, I think I just did a full circle, it makes me dizzy sometimes!)

Did I ever mention that many of the good, bad and ugly companies are often owned by the same people? You know the ones that make poisons to spray on your food, own food producing companies that sell us our foods, own the pharmaceutical  companies that make the medicines and machines, to ‘fix’ your health problems from the poisons sprayed on the plants!   (Oh, my head aches!)  Do your research, it’s all out there!

I guess I’ll stop!  I just wiped out half the jobs and most of the profits in America.    Oh, wait we still got the bankers, politicians and lawyers!  (by classifying them all  equally together, I’m still staying ‘neutral’ – right?)

Ok, that was my rant for the day!   Well, maybe, the day is not over yet!

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